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THE FOOD PANTRY - In the first quarter of 2009, the number of people receiving food boxes reached an all-time high of 4,796 people, up from 3,255 people in 2008. With our ecomony in crisis, we feel certain that we will see the number of new clients continue to grow.  Clients may come in every two weeks to receive a box containing fresh vegetables and fruits, canned goods, meats, bread, pastry and other essential staples to supplement their existing food supplies at home.  

The Elderly - The number of elderly citizens utilizing our services continues to grow .These are our neighbors, living on fixed incomes and their funds do not always last through the month. We are able to help them with food boxes, clothing and household items to help make life a little easier.

The Handicapped - Many of our clients have disabilities which prohibit their ability to earn a living. They are always welcome to come for food, and many of them willingly volunteer to help where they can in the preparation of food boxes.

The Homeless - The homeless population continues to grow and Bienvenidos does what it can to help them. Mondays through Thursdays they can come to the pantry for a bag lunch, and clothing. Many of them are transient, just passing through, but the word spreads quickly as to where they can find a meal, clothing, a sleeping bag and personal care items. 

The Working Poor - This is a fast-growing segment of our clientele--families with at least one member in the work force, not making enough money to take care of all their needs and having to choose between paying utility bills or putting food on the table. They are always welcome at the Outreach.

Children - Holiday season In 2008 Bienvenidos Outreach supplied over 500 children with Christmas gifts through the efforts of many organizations, churches and individuals. Also supplied during this season were over 300 complete turkey or ham family dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Children's Milk Program - This program, funded by a grant from The Buckaroo Ball, is for families with children. Each family receives a gallon of milk every time the family comes in to pick up their provisions box.  It is our goal to insure that children start the day with a nutritious meal which includes milk and hot or cold cereal.  We appreciate and thank The Buckaroo Ball for their support of our Milk Program.

Sunday Lunches - Our Sunday Picnic in the Park program was started in 1995. The City of Santa Fe graciously permitted us to use Ashbaugh Park for 2 hours each week to feed those in need with a warm nutritious meal. Over the years the program has grown and now different churches rotate the preparation and serving of over 125 meals each Sunday. We have moved the Sunday lunch program to the Salvation Army parking lot where lunch is served between 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Our Brother's Keeper A group of women from Los Alamos who call themselves "Our Brother's Keeper" hand-sew sleeping bags, scarves and hats and deliver them to Bienvenidos Outreach for distribution to the homeless. Our homeless clients rely on these donations to keep them warm in the evenings. We thank them for their continued support and generosity.


Bienvenidos Outreach, Inc.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 5873
Santa Fe NM 87502

Physical Location:
1511 Fifth Street
Santa Fe NM 87505

VOICE: (505) 986-0583
E-MAIL: bienvenidos1@qwestoffice.net